Most alternative grading companies like ours use advanced technology like card scanning as well as human eye grading to provide grading services as accurately as possible. While we understand that a lot of collectors and card resellers/flippers are prone to only work with PSA due to the highest resale value… We should start considering the fact that these businesses are getting more and more expensive therefore losing profit margins from the cost of grading as well as months of waiting time which can strongly affect the value of card especially when it comes to grading rookies or time-sensitive players who might not resale as high if something happens with the player/team etc.

As the industry of card collecting keeps growing and expanding, we believe that the demand for professional card grading services is getting higher and higher. We make sure that we can provide those services in a timely manner. Our packages of three business days, 10 business days, and 30 business days will remain open until the influx of card grading gets too high to handle. Once this happens, we will hire more graders in an effort to be able to constantly provide the same professional quality fast service that we built our business on.

As the industry is slightly shifting since more and more customers are joining the hobby, we offer various options in card grading slabs as mentioned on our website’s homepage.

Our goal is simply to satisfy our customers to the full extent. We redesigned the labels to the newer Black & White ones without subgrades in order to avoid too much backlog. Custom labels were great but caused massive delays and there’s only so much we can do to satisfy graphic needs of customers at times.

Be sure to contact us with any questions you might have about grading your sports cards or grading Pokemon cards or anything related to the industry. We are looking forward to answering any questions you might have and potentially gain new satisfied customers.


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