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Your Partner for Sports Card Grading!

  • HOF Grading is a Canadian company that grades cards of all kinds (sports, non-sport, Pokemon, UFC, F1 and more)
  • HOF Grading provides sealed slabs with all of our grading services. We do not currently offer “soft grading” – we slab all graded cards.
  • HOF graders have decades of experience in the sports memorabilia industry and constantly enhance their skills through training.
  • HOF Grading ensures that all cards are graded equally no matter the quantity, value or customer.


Professional Sports Card Grading

We love the sports card industry and thrive in it.

While we understand that we will never get ahead of the big titans in the card grading industry, we definitely want to make a name for ourselves and provide exceptional service to card collecting enthusiasts.


HOF (Hall Of Fame) Grading: an experienced bunch of sports cards enthusiasts.

We make sure that all your cards are graded with the same care and meticulousness. We package your cards in certified sealed card slabs to guarantee they won’t be tempered with once we grade them.



GEM MINT 10- 55/45 or better centering on the front of the card, 60/40 centering on the back, four sharp corners, free of stains, no breaks in surface gloss and no visible wear. A slight print spot visible is allowable if it does not detract from the aesthetics of the card. This card will look pack fresh and beautiful to the naked eye.

MINT 9- 60/40 or betting centering on the front of card, 70/30 centering on the back, four sharp corners*. One very slight hit to a corner or two very minor flaws to the surface or edges may exist, such as a slight printer mark or a very small imperfection on the borders or surface. This card without magnification will look very close to a gem mint.

NM/MT (NEAR MINT/MINT) 8- 65/35 or better centering on the front of the card, 80/20 centering on the back, corners sharp to the naked eye but may exhibit slight wear under magnification. A few small flaws may exist upon but not super noticeable to the naked eye. Slight wear to up to two corners upon magnification, a couple very slight chips to the edges or a couple very small scratches or printer’s marks are acceptable with an 8.

NM (NEAR MINT) 7- 70/30 or better centering on the front of the card, 90/10 centering on the back, slight wear on the corners, minor scratching, some minor print spots. Print lines or refractor lines are acceptable. Card can be slightly skewed (diamond) cut.

EX/NM 6- 80/20 or better centering on the front of card, 90/10 centering on the back, slight fuzzing of corners will be evident, skewed cut may be more evident, focus or register may be off, and slight rough edges may exist and finally surface may not have original luster.

EX 5- 85/15 or better centering on the front of card, 90/10 centering on the back, minor rounding or fuzzing of corners, rough edges or chipping along edge, one very slight one sided surface crease may exist, original luster of card may be lost from surface with some scratching, but card still looks good.

VG/EX 4- 85/15 or better centering on the front of the card, 90/10 centering or better on the back, corners are slightly rounded with noticeable surface wear. Light hairline one sided creases may show on front and back of the card. A light tear, (1/8th inch or less) or minor damage may exist on the surface of the card.

VG 3- 90/10 or better centering on the front of the card, centering not considered on the back of the card, corners on the grade 3 rounded–but not excessive, stronger creasing may exist. Poorer focus, registration, and discoloration, and staining are more noticeable.

GOOD 2- Centered 90/10 or better on the front of the card, centering not considered on the back of the card. This card usually has one or more print marks, smudges or stains, multiple 2 sided crease(s), pinhole or slight tears in the card, surface scuffing, rounded corners and ink or pencil marks.

POOR 1- This is the lowest grade possible. If you have a graded 1 you can clearly see it has been to battle. But rest assured if it is in our encapsulation you know 100% for sure at least it is an authentic card and not a counterfeit.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE CENTERING RULE: If a card is exceptionally beautiful but the centering would lower the grade, the maximum a card can be penalized is 2 grades. Example, an 8 with 90/10 centering would be graded a 6. Even though 90/10 would usually be a 3 if the card is an 8 in every other way except centering the card could still receive a 6.

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