Terms and Conditions for Card Grading Services by Hall of Fame Grading Company

  1. Hall of Fame Grading is currently only grading regular sized cards (2.5×3.5 inches) of 55pt or less – We do not grade Jerseys, Relics and super thick cards of any kind. Our slabs do not allow us to store such cards.

2. Cards must be sent in protective holders (i.e. top loaders, penny sleeves, one-touch, etc.) when being shipped. Hall of Fame Grading will not be held responsible for any damages incurred through the mail. Any supplies used to ship the items to Hall of Fame Grading will not be returned.

3. Hall of Fame Grading will accept slabbed cards, however, while we will ensure to take every precaution when opening the case to avoid potential damage, we will not accept any responsibility should damage occur. No grades from other companies will be considered in our grading criterias.

4. The Service Type selected (3 days, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days “budget”) will commence the day after the item has been received at the Hall of Fame Grading office (not when Canada Post delivers to our PO box or cards are dropped off/shipped.) If we can’t meet the timelines, we will notify the customer within a reasonable timeframe.

5. Service Type is calculated by business days. Monday-Friday (minus Statutory holidays) is considered business days and will be counted towards your order timeframe.

6. For any orders exceeding 100 cards, please contact us to make arrangements and figure out the right price package for your needs.

7. Hall of Fame Grading will use Canada Post for all shipments up to 50lbs max; any orders exceeding that weight will need to be returned via UPS/FedEx and incurs fees which will be disclosed to the customer.

8. Any cards with an autograph will need to include the fee of $3.00 for each card; cards with multiple autographs will still be charged the same $3.00 fee. We do not authenticate cards, we only grade cards that are authentic autographs (not ones autographed by a personal)

9. Hall of Fame Grading does not authenticate any card. Any cards where the grader determines that there are clear signs of tampering, counterfeiting or altering of any kind will be returned ungraded with the full fee still being charged.

10. We are currently accepting Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, and EMT as methods of payment. If you are paying via PayPal or EMT please contact us via email or DM on Instagram @HOFGCA /Twitter @hofgrading about sending payment. We don’t process any unpaid orders

11. The declared value given by the customer will be used to determine the return shipping insurance rate required, those who elect not to insure up to the full declared value will only receive the insured amount covered for any lost or damaged packages. The mailing service provider (e.g. Canada Post) will determine the appropriate value of the package and those funds will be refunded to the customer.

12. If there is a claim on any items, lost or damaged through the mailing process, the customer will receive the current sale market value (not values declared in price or reference guides) in return not exceeding the insured value paid for.

13. Hall of Fame Grading uses the utmost care and thorough grading process to finalize the grades. Any disputes can only be applied to any errors on the typing of the label. If an error on the label occurs, please send it back and we’ll gladly fix it for you at no cost.

14. Hall of Fame Grading is not liable whatsoever for any damage caused to the cards received, when not in the care or control of Hall of Fame Grading.

Thanks, any questions or concerns can be addressed by CONTACTING US.

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