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20 Cards Grading Package in 30 Days – Best Grading Deal


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20 Cards Grading in 30 Days Special Offer

This is the best card grading package if you want faster than the budget package, for only $100 more. The budget package offers 20 cards for 60 business days, but this one is done much faster in 30. You save $85 from the regular price, which is a great deal, and about 15% OFF from the regular price.

You’ll get your cards graded, slabbed, and shipped back in 30 business days. Some delays may occur due to backlogging but we will update the website notices in case it happens.

This offer is time-limited, get on it while it’s in our shop!

The package includes the following:

  • 20 cards graded, labeled, and slabbed
  • Free Shipping back to you
  • 30 business days turnaround time.

Check our blog below to know what to do before sending your cards:

  • Card-Grading-Company---Preparing-Your-Cards-For-Grading-2021-Trading-Card-Blog-Canada-MAIN